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Labor Outsourcing | Staff Leasing

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Manage your own staff & operation

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$ 9.95 / hour

  • Rate inclusive of Staff Salary
  • Recruitment, HR and Health Insurance
  • Payroll and Government Compliance

BPO Seats For Rent | Seat Leasing

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Use of our extensive IT architecture

(limited time only)

$ 495 / mo.

  • Workstation, Computers, Headsets & PBX
  • Queues, Callback Systems & Recordings
  • Dialers, Extensions, IVRs & Call Statistics

BPO Services | Back-Office | KPO

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Full time managed staff & operation

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$ 13.95 / hour

  • Staff and Seat Lease
  • Operational Management
  • Administrative (HR, Payroll, etc.)

Over 20 years of experience in Labor Outsourcing, Telecommunications and Networks

Over 13 Years experience in support of BPO Call Center accounts including customers like Sprint, Globe Telecom, Australian ISPs / Telcos including One Telecom, TADAust Connect, Telstra Mobile and Broadband, Aussie Home Loans, Citibank, KFC , Thompson Cigars and Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Reliable BPO Support

Boost customer relations by providing reliable, round-the-clock Call Center support while reducing your operational costs.

> Competitive Pricing > 300 Seat Capacity with continuing rolling expansion > Redundant, Scalable Network and Call Centre Architecture > Secure PCI Compliant Network
Western Managed Operations

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the IT outsourcing and the BPO Philippines industry, CyberOne delivers effective contact center services to help you improve your customer service and enhance your business processes. Along with Filipino’s excellent command of English language, coupled with the low cost of operations and good infrastructure, it makes the country and Cybereone, a more premier business process outsourcing choice.


Business Process Outsourcing

Now that you’ve found a low-cost uninterrupted and reliable support, get your own dedicated support team in the Philippines with the help of Cyberone!

Fully-equipped workstation

Access to softphones or hardphones

Dedicated staff and resources

Access to reports and call recordings

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What our Clients say

We are always committed to providing quality Call Center services and building strong relationships with our clients; that’s established through mutual respect and the common goal to succeed in every endeavour.

Robert B.


“We want you to know that we’re very pleased with the quality of service you provide. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness, flexibility and the way you conduct business. We’ve recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.”

Julie V.


“You provide quality transcription services in a timely and professional manner. We’re pleased with the quick turnaround time and accuracy. You consistently address concerns and works with us to meet our specific needs. You’re a very reliable firm with excellent customer service.”

Doris W. E-commerce Manager

“We sincerely appreciate the Cyberone company’s support and good performance. The company’s professional operation and management did a good job during our cooperation. We hope we would have more opportunities to work together in the near future.”


Outsourcing Services to the Philippines

In 2007 and 2009, the Philippines won the Best Offshoring Destination of the Year Award from the British organization National Outsourcing Association (NOA). Indeed, the Philippines is fast becoming one of the top outsourcing services destination in Asia,Indeed, the Philippines is fast becoming one of the top business process outsourcing services destination in Asia, as likewise reported in international studies done by Tholons… READ MORE

Philippine universities produce about 400,000 graduates yearly wherein English is the major mode of instruction in most universities.


Cost of real estate, rent, and fares are also set at a fraction of the price—across the board—compared to other Asian countries.

Business Continuity During Global Crisis

It is important to make sure your business continuity strategies are in place and ready to go. From large global enterprises to small local businesses, all have started to implement business continuity strategies in the event that their offices are shut down due the global pandemic – forcing staff members to work remotely to keep the business functioning.

Is your business set to continue running its operations in times of crises, or in the event that your employees have to stay home due to quarantine?

If you are not ready, we encourage you to speak to us on how we can get you set up and operational!


IT Outsourcing

Have you thought about reducing your IT Service and Web or App Development costs, but not losing the quality and the accessibility to quality staff?
We are a BPO, with over 25 years of experience, we are going to guide you every step of the way, and make the transition seamless!

Those are only some of the services that we provide. We can always customize based on your requirements!

– IT Monitoring Systems
– Cloud PBX solutions
– Cloud Staff Management HR Solutions
– Web Design
– Web Apps (PWA technology)
– Android Native and Hybrid Apps
– iOS Native and Hybrid Apps

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Virtual Seat Lease and Call Center Infrastructure

A virtual call center allows you to employe staff remotely and helps you run your operations from anywhere in the world. It helps organizations save costs from office infrastructure and provides benefits in terms of employee retention and business operations.
– Quick Deployment
– No Capital Investment
– Low Operating Costs
– Secure, Scalable and Flexible Platform


Remote Staffing For Your Business

Remote Staff can help your business reduce staffing costs, scale quickly, save time and increase productivity. In these challenging times, let our experienced team help your business.
– Offshore staffing roles for your needs.
– Reliable staffing solution that works and lasts.
– Cut your staffing costs by up to 70%.
– Hire top quality remote staff for your business through our Philippine based recruitment specialists.
– Ongoing support services including HR, IT, Compliance, and Payroll.

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