BPO Companies in Manila


 Why choose BPO companies in Manila?

Cyberone’s network infrastructure is fully scalable, reliable and secure. We maintain Data Centres in both Australia and the Philippines, with secure and redundant servers and network equipment. As one of the pioneer BPO companies in the Philppines, Cyberone has invested in its network infrastructure to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted call center service for clients and customers. With the combination of a good infrastructure and skilled workforce, Cyberone can surely contribute into creating a successful campaign to achieve our client’s goals.

Secure PCI Compliant Network

We are PCI compliant and follow the best industry practices in data security, along with quarterly reviews.

Keep information secure

HD Voice and Leased Lines

We can carry HD voice from Australia’s voice network to our Manila operation with dedicated leased lines. VoIP over public Internet is only used as a backup.


Redundant & Self Healing Network

We have multiple, redundant Internet connections with Tier 1 carriers such as PCCW, Pacnet, AAPT or Telstra.


BPO Call Center Site Features

Like most of the major BPO companies in the Philippines, Cyberone has also built an extensive technological infrastructure from ensuring redundancy in several aspects such as power, network and connections. Below are some of Cyberone’s most important call center site features that are essential for operating as an outsourcing company.

Redundant External Links (Primary and Secondary)

Redundant Internal Networks

UPS protection for file servers

UPS protection for agent workstations

Redundant File Servers Storing Agent Profiles

Utilising Virtualisation and High Availability Cluster Setup (HA, Corosync & DRBD)

Redundant Routers in Hot­spare Configuration using Cisco Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Backup Power Generators in event of electric supply disruption.