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CYBERONE’S BPO SERVICES: Which one is right for your business?

We know that outsourcing your services is a big decision, and we believe that we’re the provider that is best suited for the job. When you partner with CyberOne Call Center, we see ourselves as a part of your business, and we fully understand that our work for your company is a crucial part of your success. We assure you that we will work closely with you every step of the way.

Everyone has a different need, and therefore we have different BPO services for you to consider. We can help you customize solutions to suit your specific business needs. It’s quality Service within your budget! Inquire today to know more about our budget-friendly rates for uninterrupted 24/7 call center service.

Labor Outsourcing

Staff Leasing Philippines
$3.95 / hour

You have full operational control of your staff and quality of your service while we manage your human resources.

We will also ensure local and government compliances:

> You choose the candidate and negotiate salary
> You set your staff or team’s targets and daily/monthly tasks
> You are in direct contact with your staff and control quality of service

Run the business without needing to deal with:

> Recruitment and Payroll
> Labor Compliances and Mandatory Benefits
> Local Tax, Business Permits, and other regulations.

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Call Center Seats for Rent

BPO Seats
$ 320 / mo.

If you already have a local staff, or in conjunction with our Staffing Solutions, avoid building and managing your own infrastructure, at least until you have tested the waters.

CyberOne’s BPO services allows over 300 seats on a 24/7 capacity. Our facility is connected to internet via redundant Telco providers and we have IT infrastructure in place to provide excellent quality voice calls for both outbound and inbound call center.

We provide computers and headsets, phone and PBX facilities such as Outbound Dialers, agent extensions and Music on Hold. For inbound call center services, we can also provide additional functionality such as IVRs, Call Queues, Callback Systems, Call Recordings and Call Statistics & Reporting upon request.

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Call Center Services

BPO Solutions
$ 5.95 / hour

This is ideal if you don’t have the time to manage a team and instead, would like to concentrate on your core business while we take care of operational management; ensuring the team deliver desired results. 

We can help you establish high-performing call center services that delivers excellent telephone, e-mail and instant messaging to your customers all-year-round. All our agents are graduates of Information Technology or any of its equivalent courses, and must have at least two years experience working in Technical Support/Telecom/ISP call centers for American and Australian companies. Our customer service representatives / agents are thoroughly screened and selected in adherence to our commitment to provide a quality business process outsourcing service. Our technical experience and trained agents can get you on track to achieving your goals. 

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