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Fully-equipped with everything you need to get things done.Fully-equipped with everything you need to get things done. If you’re looking for affordable call center seats on rent, you’ve come to right place. Located at the central business district (CBD) in Makati, Cyberone provides BPO seats for small to medium sized companies interested in setting up shop in one of Metro Manila’s major cities. Availing Cyberone’s limited time offers on call center seats for rent or lease is surely one you won’t want to miss. It’s budget-friendly and centrally located. 

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Why you should rent call center seats?

Building your company in the Philippines can involve a great amount of capital. Seat leasing services can reduce your costs drastically and allow you to utilize necessary equipment and facilities without having the need to invest heavily. Instead of investing your capital on infrastructure, furniture and equipment, you can use that money for business development initiatives that will drive growth to your business.

What other benefits does seat leasing services bring to my business?

Seat leasing can also be a huge hassle-free option. All facilities, network and technology requirements and issues are handled by someone else. It also gives you enough flexibility to move around faster if and when your business is moving towards a different direction. Seat leasing allows you to simply pick and choose and you’re ready to start. Plus, not having a long-term lease can surely be a benefit for some fast-moving businesses. 

How do you handle specific IT requirements?

With regards to IT and Network, our operations team will work with you and our IT department to set up a working environment with all the tools your offshore staff will need to operate. You will also have access an account manager who will work with you and assist you in all your requirements. He/she will assist you in all your future concerns regarding your rented BPO seats, while you focus more on your human resources, customers and growing your business.

Need call center seats for rent now?

Start today with our plug and play facility! Get the ball rolling and don’t let our limited seat leasing price offers pass away. Start your operations with us and have the essentials needed to kick start your business. Don’t stress about desks, chairs and computer when you can just plug and play right away.

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