Call Center Services


Call center companies are an effective way to add value to your business. However, operating a call center on your own can include huge capital expenses, mainly coming from technology and infrastructre, not to mention existing costs for center agent salaries. Additional costs mostly on telephony, networks, and facility can eat up a huge chunk of your capital. This is why many businesses around the world search for suitable BPO companies as partners. A lot of the questions asked about call center services are about prices. Pricing on call center services may vary depending on many variables. These will depend on the client’s requirements such as agent’s minimum required skill set and experience, a defining factor on salary range. Others are the type of industry served, type of work, and duration of the program. 

Things you need to consider

Cost of a Full-Time Dedicated Staff

Full-time dedicated agents with entry-level skills can typically cost between $22-28/hour in US or Canada.

With Cyberone, entry-level skills for work classified as Customer Service and Back-Office or non-technical and non-sales start at $5.95/hour.

Costs Shouldered by a BPO Partner

Outsourcing services at an hourly costs include associated administrative costs such as recruitment, human resources and payroll. Operating these different business departments are considered to be overheads and non-income generating FTEs, and are fully shouldered by your BPO call center partner.

Your Business Partner’s Experience

There’s a list of bpo companies in the Philippines, but when looking for the right partner for call center services, you would need to consider their experience in forecasting, staffing, and managing for maximum efficiency. Also look how a call center keeps up-to-date with compliances and standards in the BPO industry. 

Call Center Services, Technology and Risks

With the growing list of bpo companies in the philippines, a great partner should be able to provide you with technology for efficient call distribution and more. It should also have the ability to train your staff to manage tasks and achieve maximum results.

Technology is another reason why more and more businesses are engaging business process outsourcing companies. As technology keeps developing and more advancement are introduced into the market, some businesses just cannot choose to invest on technology over direct income generating parts of their business. Unlike BPO companies whose primary selling point is their technology infrastructure, it’s safe to say that BPO companies spend a lot of their revenue into keeping up with technology.

Therefore, outsourcing helps in mitigating risk on your behalf, as BPO companies shoulder costs on technology resources.

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