Labor Outsourcing


Labor Outsourcing That Works

Cyberone’s labor outsourcing and staffing solutions helps you build a team in the Philippines. We will work with you to find the right employees for the job. These employees will exclusively work for you full-time within our office and will be legally employed by Cyberone on your behalf. We will manage all administrative and government requirements of the employee who will directly report to you so you won’t have to. 

Recruitment, Human Resource, Payroll

We will manage all administrative tasks related to above.

Labor Compliance and Regulations

We will be liable for all local laws and regulations related to labor.

Labor Issues and Complications

We will deal with issues arising from compensation and benefits.

Local Tax and Mandatory Benefits

We will manage and file all necessary taxes and required benefits.

How does staff outsourcing solutions work?

Outsourcing employees is the same as how you would hire your staff domestically. When partnering with Cyberone, together we go through a series of discussions on your hiring requirements, hiring processes, job profiles and job descriptions. Our recruitment team will then prepare and release job advertisements. They will start sourcing candidates and those with potential shall go through the initial screening process prior to being endorsed to you. You are free to do your own hiring process and test the candidates you any area you feel necessary. You will have control over the final hiring decisions, specially benefits and compensation. Another option will be for you to rely on our experience on recruitment and allow us to make the hiring decisions on your behalf. We will take over the entire hiring process from start to end.

Managing your virtual staff in the Philippines

You can manage and communicate with your virtual staff in Manila directly through any means such as email, phone, Skype or any of your preferred messaging services. You can also choose you own dedicated local management team. With Cyberone’s labor outsourcing solutions, you will have direct contact with our account managers or operations team daily to coordinate all your staffing requirements and concerns.

Saving costs on Labor and Legal Compliances

By choosing to outsource recruitment, you can save as much as 60% of operational expenses from directly hiring a personnel domestically. You won’t have to spend your time and money on ensuring compliances with employment-related government legislations, taxes and filing processes and policies. We will also deal with all city ordinances related to labor, administrative concerns in human resources, payroll and local banking compliances. With choosing Cyberone’s labor outsourcing solutions, you are free to focus on your core income generating activities.

Other than that, Cyberone’s staffing solutions is intended to help you negotiate benefits and compensations. Alternatively, we can do it on your behalf, making negotiations more localized and allowing you to find the best staff at the lowest possible cost.

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