Remote Staff Philippines


Why Remote Staff?

Reduced expenses have always been the most popular Remote Staff advantage. By utilising our remote staff in the Philippines, international companies have been saving hundreds of thousands per year when compared to hiring locally.

The cost saving is obviously important, though we don’t like to focus on it solely. Our Philippine based Remote Staff come from a service-oriented culture that produces extremely polite employees with world-class customer service. Filipinos are professionals and hard workers who take pride in their work and focus on quality.

The BPO Industry is the largest job creator in the country, and we have access to a great talent pool.


Why do all the work? Outsource it to us! We will find quality talent on your behalf and dedicate them to your account.


We partner with our clients for the long term. We ensure more impact and better value from your outsourcing operations. If you value loyal and committed staff we are your partner.


We manage the administration, payroll and corporate governance required to hire remote workers. Our experienced team takes the hard work out of your hands.


Since 1995 we’ve placed over 6,000 Filipino staff in home-based remote working roles all across the Philippines.

Remote Staff for as low as $3.95 per hour! Join us.

Benefits of Remote Staff

Focus on your core business functions and remote team operations while we take care of the repetitive administrative tasks such as recruitment, payroll, and HR management.

Lower Costs

Reduce up to 70% on overhead costs, including wages, office rent and workstations.

Full Management

Although your remote staff is located miles away, you still run the show.

Skilled Labor

Tap into a pool of skilled professionals that can produce quality work.

Operational Flexibility

Ramp up or down your offshore operations as you need.

Time Zone Coverage

Your remote staff will follow your operational hours around the clock.

Reduce up to 70% on overhead costs, and hire Remote Staff!

How to hire and build your Remote Staff  team in the Philppines?


Step1: Talk To Us

We tailor our recruitment process to your job description and specific requirements.

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Step 2: Recruitment

We recruit top talent, provide you with shortlisted candidates, as well as organise and facilitate the interview sessions.

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Step 3: Hire Remote Staff

We will recruit the selected by you remote staff and assist you with the onboarding process and start working with Remote Staff

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Step 4: Start Your Operations

Work directly with your Remote Staff or team and leave all admin tasks to us.

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Start your Remote Team in Philippines. Talk to us now!

Remote Staff Indicative Pricing

Below rates are estimates. The final rate will vary depending on the salary negotiations with the applicants. We will provide you with a more transparent breakdown of all costs during our discussions and of course prior to hiring the staff.

Entry Level Call Center Staff

Most popular

Prices start from

$ 8.95  / hour

  • Non-Voice
  • Data Entry
  • General Admin Tasks
  • Order Status Updates
  • No BPO Expereince
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Mid-Level Call Center Staff

Most popular

Prices start from

$ 9.95  / hour

  • Voice and Non-Voice
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Email and Chat Support
  • 1-2 Years BPO Experience
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High-Level Call Center Staff

Most popular

Prices start from

$ 14.95  / hour

  • Voice and Non-Voice
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support (Level 2 )
  • Telemarketing
  • 2-5 Years BPO Experience
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Specialised Positions

Most popular

Prices start from

$ 24.95  / hour

  • Web & Graphic Designers
  • Content Writers & SEOs
  • Accountants & Bookkeepers
  • Legal Transcriptionists
  • IT Support
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