Virtual Call Center


What is a Virtual Call Center and its Benefits

A virtual call center basically functions with the help of the internet, which is its main infrastructure. Since it can be run from any place in the world, outsourcing virtual call centers help organizations save costs and reap other associated rewards.
Virtual call centers offer employees the option of working from remote locations and providing exceptional and convenient customer service solutions to your clients whenever they need it.

Technological Advancement

Since a virtual call center always allows remote contact center agents to work in real-time with your employees or clients, your infrastructure has to be built up from the ground up to support internet telephony and real-time video calls. This increase in infrastructural preparedness allows you to be ready for other future challenges, and allows you to scale up operations as you expand easily.

Easy Designing, Deployment, Training, & Support

With the help of increased flexibility you can spend less time managing the call center and more time focusing on other business critical operations. By partnering with CyberOne, you gain immediate access to project managers and network architects who can help design, deploy, train and support your existing staff for better process efficiencies.

Geographically Adept

One of the most significant advantages of virtual call center is that because of the nature of the way our infrastructure is set up, call center agents do not have to concentrate on any single geographic location. As a result, they are able to function more independently as compared to other regular smaller call centers.

Scalability and Adaptability

One of the virtues of working with a CyberOne is that you never have to worry about seasonal expectations and dwindling business arms which might not require the same level of support that the more successful ones might need. Whether you require 20 agents or 200, we can easily ramp up operations as per your requirement.

Quick Deployment

Low Operating Costs

Secure Network

Scalable and Flexible

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What is a Virtual Workspace?

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Why a Virtual Workspace?

Virtual workspaces are mainly used for remote work with high performance and low cost.


It allows on-demand compute power addition, and redundancy


More secure as the stored data resides in the cloud or any centralized server storage


Easy application installations


On-demand compute power addition

How does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) work?

DaaS architecture is Multi-tenant, and organizations purchase the service through a subscription model — typically based on the number of virtual desktop instances used per month.
In the desktop-as-a-service delivery model, we manage the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security, virtual desktop images, applications and upgrades.
Typically, an end user’s personal data is copied to and from their virtual desktop during logon and logoff, and access to the desktop is device-, location- and network-independent.
Desktop as a service provides all the advantages of virtual desktop infrastructure, including remote worker support, improved security and ease of desktop management.

Our Data Center

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Our Equipment and Support

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Pricing for Virtual Seat Leasing

Select from our many cost effective options!

Equipment / Computer Lease

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Starting from

$ 50 / mo.

  • Min Specs: Dual core, 4GB RAM
  • 17” Monitors
  • Headset
  • Remote IT Support
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Dialer and PBX infrastructure

Most popular

Starting from

$ 50 / mo.

  • Cloud and on premise based
  • Agent extensions
  • Softphone
  • IVR setup
  • Call Statistics
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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Most popular

Starting from

$ 100 / mo.

  • Client terminal
  • Virtual desktop and infrastructure
  • Remote worker support
  • Improved security
  • Ease of desktop management
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Add-On Services

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Starting from

$ 10 / mo.

  • Internet Wi-Fi and VPN devices
  • Monitors and Webcams
  • Basic Ergonomic Chairs
  • Workstation Desk
  • Cisco and Linksys VoIP phones
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